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How EPM Software Can Improve Financial Planning

  John Klein is a pharmaceutical executive who has served as chairman of Cambridge Therapeutics in Alpine, NJ, since 2011. Beyond being responsible for establishing the strategic direction of the company, John Klein concurrently serves as chairman and CEO of the enterprise performance management (EPM) firm Bi-Logix, LLC.

EPM involves processes designed to boost business performance and has applications across a diverse range of industries. While it is useful and effective in reporting results to stakeholders, analyzing performance, and facilitating financial consolidation, it can have a particularly strong impact in regard to financial planning. Compared to manual methods of approaching finance such as spreadsheets, cloud-based EPM software is more automated and significantly less time-consuming. It also minimizes manual errors that might occur with the use of spreadsheets.

Another primary benefit of EPM software is the ability to integrate dynamic planning techniques such as rolling forecasts. This is particularly useful for businesses in rapidly-changing industries, as it lessens the reliance on making decisions based upon static assumptions via annual budgets. In contrast, a rolling forecast can be updated regularly to reflect business or industry changes.

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Enterprise Performance Management Beneficial for Businesses

John Klein draws upon more than four decades of leadership experience in the pharmaceutical sector to his position as chairman of the Alpine, NJ-based Cambridge Therapeutics. In addition to this role, John Klein serves as the chairman and CEO of Bilogix, LLC, which provides unique enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions to customers in line with their corporate strategy.

EPM services can enhance business strategy and processes such as budgeting and financial modeling and analysis. EPM is a complex methodology that involves a number of aspects, such as the creation of an enterprise strategy. Designed to help companies seeking to improve their performance, EPM requires a solid strategic plan as its basis. Through EPM, the various aspects of the strategic plan are deployed throughout an organization. Another area of EPM entails mapping an organization. A blueprint is created outlining how the work will be accomplished and what the outputs will be.

Mapping an organization aids in the identification of areas in need of improvement and key performance indicators (KPIs). An additional aspect of EPM involves developing scorecards. Business scorecards can provide managers with quick access to critical information. The scorecards show metrics on KPIs that can aid in managerial decision-making.

The Importance of a Clearly Defined EPM Project Scope

Based in Alpine, NJ, John Klein is an experienced pharmaceutical executive who has served as the chairman of Cambridge Therapeutics since 2011. Additionally, John Klein is the chairman and CEO of Bilogix, LLC, which operates in the enterprise performance management (EPM) space.

A set of processes and applications that help analyze and predict the performance of an organization, EPM can significantly improve actions and outcomes relating to business strategy, enterprise planning and budgeting, financial modeling, and business reporting. However, in order to increase the likelihood of the success of an EPM project, managers must clearly identify the scope of the project, including its goals and objectives.

All relevant stakeholders should be consulted in determining the work required to achieve the project’s goals. Moreover, it is vital to define what won’t be accomplished during the project to ensure all involved are completing tasks in line with its primary purpose. Setting the project’s scope will also help define the tools required to outline project activities, establish project phases, assign resources, and estimate the budget required to complete the project. Working with stakeholders, managers should then establish a list of desired goals, such as improved performance times or enhanced process efficiencies, which will be used to gauge the success of the project.

Enterprise Performance Management Increases Operational Efficiency

Possessing more than two decades of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing, John Klein serves as the chairman of Cambridge Therapeutics in Alpine, NJ. Aside from steering Cambridge Therapeutics, John Klein directs the business-development firm Bilogix.

Providing services in the growing field of enterprise performance management (EPM), Bilogix employs experienced consultants who assist businesses in conducting strategic analyses of their business intelligence (BI) and overall operational efficiency to perform better in a constantly-evolving marketplace.

EPM consultants might also evaluate the company’s expenditures and how much value that spending contributes to or review return on investment (ROI) data. The ROI process provides measurable values for determining an investment’s efficiency or making comparisons between different ones. Additionally, it assesses the return on specific investments in relation to its cost. These practices help to better inform executive management on how to create the best solutions for increasing performance and generating more profit for the enterprise.

Using Enterprise Performance Management to Boost Business Intelligence

A prominent pharmaceutical-industry executive based in Alpine, NJ, John Klein serves as the chairman of Cambridge Therapeutics. Previously named on Forbes’ list of the Top 100 CEOs, Cambridge Therapeutics’ John Klein has also led the Alpine, NJ-based business-consulting firm Bilogix since 2015.

An enterprise performance management (EPM) firm, Bilogix aims to serve as a strategic partner to businesses that wish to improve their future outlook in the midst of a rapidly-changing technological landscape. With more enterprises investing in digital solutions for everything from data storage and sales reports to customer relationship management, EPM consultants can help ensure an organization has a well-thought-out strategy for digital transformation.

Industry professionals advise chief executive officers to not hesitate too long before looking into EPM-driven technology solutions. A study by SAP and Oxford Economics found that 80 percent of companies had a rise in profitability after they completed a digital transformation. Those that fail to craft innovative business models and a comprehensive technological strategy that includes steps for integrating sales with the internet of things (IoT) will be left behind by their competition. However, trained EPM consultants can help companies ensure outstanding customer experiences as they continue to add increased technological capability.

Enterprise Performance Management Can Improve Profitability

An accomplished pharmaceutical industry executive, John Klein serves as the chairman of Cambridge Therapeutics in Alpine, NJ. In addition to directing the business development of Cambridge Therapeutics, John Klein recently founded a new venture in the emerging field of enterprise performance management (EPM).

Based in Alpine, NJ, the newest company is called Bilogix. A provider of strategic consulting services to a range of companies and organizations, Bilogix draws on the business-development and technological expertise of its team to help enterprises enhance their information technology (IT) infrastructure and achieve maximum operational efficiency.

The highly complex field of EPM encompasses many aspects, such as visualization of business strategy and metrics using tools such as strategy maps and performance dashboards. In the area of budgeting, EPM authorities use a range of resources to support financial analysis and decision-making, including cost and profitability modeling tools and improved management reporting systems. Another overarching EPM-solution approach is the integrated performance management system, which gives executives the feedback they need to evolve as productive and effective professionals.

An Overview of Enterprise Performance Management

The chairman of Cambridge Therapeutics in Alpine, NJ, John Klein is an experienced executive in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to providing strategic guidance to Cambridge Therapeutics, John Klein recently launched Bilogix, his newest business venture based in Alpine.

Bilogix is a firm focused on meeting the enterprise performance management (EPM) needs of today’s businesses. A form of business intelligence, EPM refers to the high-level analysis of a company’s performance with the goal of creating a strategic plan that is designed to optimize its overall performance. EPM can help an enterprise to increase its efficiency, streamline operations, and meet its performance and financial goals. In addition, EMP can enable a company to make better business decisions.

Also known as corporate performance management, EPM encompasses solutions such as benchmarking, analytics, scorecards, management dashboards, performance reporting, and budgeting and forecasting. The use of these techniques and tools can assist organizations seeking to improve their performance and ultimately boost profits.

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